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Such a dumb girl

I made an huge mistake. Even more than that. I said van Gogh was French but he was Dutch though he lived and died in France. So I apology sincerely for the mistake I have done.
This is not an excuse but a fries told me he was French and I told him he wasn’t before I posted… It might has influenced me even if I should have written that.
And I’m also sorry for my terrible English.

French? Vincent van Gogh is Dutch..

I’m such a dumb girl. As I said to another guy, I’ve corrected a friend who told me he was french just before so it might has influenced me… I knew it an I sincerely apology for my mistake

dudette. Van gogh was dutch all around. if you are so much of a fan, please do your homework about him. and visit amsterdam to actually see his works with your own eyes.

I’m sorry oh my god this is so embarassing! I knew it, the worst part is I’ve corrected a friend who told me he was french… Oh my god oh my god I saw some of his Works at the museum in France. And everybody makes mistakes right? Ive just posted a status to apology right

Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favorite French artiste. He had so much soul… he was literally torn and brought down by his demons that drove him crazy though he obviously had a gift, I mean, what a talented man even he hasn’t been well known while he was alive.
I really feel something when I’m looking at his works of art.
To me he was, is an will be one of the best French artist ever. Take a look at what he did. Did you ever wonder how he saw the world which surrounded him to paint like this? I did and I wish I have met him.. The melt of colors, the feelings he wanted to transcribe.. What a wonderful artist.

I may have repeated that he was one the best a lot but I actually mean it.

This is such a good thing that Doctor Who honored his legacy with an episode about him :)